Sunday, July 30, 2006

Multithread OS

Multithread OS 4 lyfe
[12:12] SunnyCrockett: (c)2006
[12:13] sleeptyper: cave & cow 4 lyfe
[12:13] * Vasistha writes it off as gibberish, after all
[12:13] SunnyCrockett: One OS - with Multiple Emulators for ROM Hardware models
[12:13] SunnyCrockett: Can Drive any specific OS Desktop from a given developer
[12:13] SunnyCrockett: based on their own hardware
[12:13] *** aqeeliz is now known as barla.
[12:13] sleeptyper: what man really needs - home and wife, occasional food and daily beer
[12:14] SunnyCrockett: they get to keep the intellectual property
[12:15] SunnyCrockett: While the software operates on the varying emulator / transfirmware platform
[12:15] SunnyCrockett: Man I have to blog this
[12:15] SunnyCrockett: Trust me - its coming
[12:15] SunnyCrockett: I have seen it


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