Sunday, July 30, 2006

Multithread OS Speculations

In the future, you will not use one operating system from one company on a typical home computer. In the future, you will use a variety of operating systems integrating the same basic functions of a wide variety of appliances and other small units like the ipod or the zen micro or those nifty pdas blackberries - boost mobiles or whatever else you want to call your own.

You will have one operating system that they all connect to. But one thing to consider is that a) they will be much smaller - and b) they will be much more easily accessible because the firmware will be integrated into the OS as part of an emulator package.

The apple ipod has itunes - In addition to just allowing you to integrate your ipod with your mp3s however - it creates a closed market with its stores. Think instead if you had the capability to rip a bittorrent off the web directly to the ipod without ever batting an eye or clicking a mouse. It will be that easy.

Here's how it works - for each hardware platform - a firmware widget would be created for the base OS - and the firmware widget would contain the basis for the emulator that drives the hardware. In otherwords -- the software acts as an interface between the OS and the hardware.

Many people like to think of computers - for example a macintosh as a closed system. It in and of itself, based on the way it is marketed, is a closed unit. Something that you can only get if you buy a Mac. The truth is far to the contrary. As I revealed in an interview with a PowerPC Emulator Developer last November named Prasys - it is possible to run an AMD64 processor with PearPC to run Mac OSX on top of Linux. When I did the experiment - I did it carefully - with their guidance - and legally - meaning I bought the OS from the Apple Store and I have the disc on my desktop. It really does work. The article can be found at

Now - imagine if the world were relatively balanced as far as computer technology were concerned and increased on a balanced inclining slope. We might see 30,000 GB drives soon. But the way it is looking - Someone may have actually developed a 50 Terabyte Drive. Something astounding to note - the complete works of Shakespeare as stored in the Gutenberg Library is roughly 1 Megabyte. Pen Drives can now store thousands upon thousands of Megabytes. That means you can carry the complete works of Shakespeare in your shirt pocket. And never have to think about it.

How about this though - a fraction of a 50 Terabyte DVD disc would store the entire PDF collection of the library of congress of the United States easily. (I'm guessing) based on scale. Its kind of like comparing Texas to Rhode Island. What we have now is Rhode Island - What we will have in the very near future as far as Data is concerned is Texas.

Imagine having Blockbuster Video's retail outlet in your neighborhood packed on one disc. Now think of the possibilities software wise?

At 4 gigs a piece you could have 31 Flavors of Linux on a single DVD and not blink an eye. Full distributions with robust server applications and the latest Database technologies. And that isn't the half of it.

Imagine those Operating Systems being able to be written on whatever hardware is available to the team that develops the software - because the widgets that integrate the emulators into the base OS. Lets call it Linux 3.0 out of respect for Linus, although it wouldn't have to be called that...Just as a place holder for now, because it doesn't exist yet. Then the OS interface - the human part - the Desktop GUI that fits on top of X can be used as a kind of surface interactivity - And maybe you could run multiple different Desktop sessions simultaneously from multiple different vendors, and because they use their own Hardware say for example SGI uses its own stuff to make a Desktop called Studio - and KDE uses its own stuff to make KDE Desktop - and the Gnome Guys make Gnome - Except - because of the ease of integration with the multithreads - (the widget emulators) there would be more Open Source Development - Novell could sneak out there and make one - or Gigahurtz could brew one up in the darkest basements of his hidden lab in Area 51. :)

In any case - while i'm not a programmer - I've kind of seen some of this stuff coming together, and I'm not only impressed by it, but maybe by spreading the word around a bit, I can help push the message home.

We need variety in life. Computers are not the forest, they are the trees.

Christopher J. Bradley - July 30, 2006

Multithread OS

Multithread OS 4 lyfe
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